Guidelines For Parents


Parents are invited and always welcome at lessons. This is mandatory for young students for a minimum of the first year. *With Covid-19 restrictions, our studio is requesting parents only come occasionally. Exception: For parents of the youngest WunderKeys Students. Also, when the weather cools, we can open the main door and parents are welcome to sit in the porch chair and can listen through the security door. Only 3 people are allowed in studio at any one time due to space/distancing protocols. 2020-2021 *

Weekly Piano Home Plans will be developed at lesson and emailed to parents. Parents are to print the Home Plan out, and make sure students are READING and following the plan each practice. This is required.

Praise student for each success, and acknowledge each effort.

Provide a good instrument and have it regularly tuned and maintained.

Assist student to set a regular, daily, practice time and stick to it. Practice time is reserved for the student, away from distractions (TV, video games, etc) or interruptions.

Assist student in regular attendance at lessons and repertoire classes.

Parents can assist students at home, even if not musically trained. Going over assignments to help students follow instructions listed in their notebooks, listening to practice (even from a short distance away), flash card practice, and helping students clap rhythms, sing, or check off their practices will help the student be successful.

Have student perform at every opportunity - especially for you, relatives, friends, neighbors, and the family pet!