Adult Students

Adult students are welcome in the studio and encouraged to enjoy piano lessons on many different levels.  Private and group lessons are available and are determined after interview with teacher.  

Begin or continue your music education - it is never too late!

Recreational Music Making (RMM) lessons are now available. RMM is an exciting development  in the music community, in which a small group of adult students learn the basics of music in a safe, low-stress and fun environment.  No piano is needed.  However, a minimum of a keyboard with full-sized keys will make the at-home practice more rewarding.  Reservations are currently open.  RMM Class Beginner for students with NO previous piano experience, is now open for registration.  Tuition for 8 - 1 hour lessons is $200.00  Books and materials are $30 additional.  Classes for musicians with some piano experience are also available. *A minimum of 4 students for a group RMM.   *RMM 

Adults students are encouraged to take private lessons

Please contact teacher for more information to set up an individualized plan.


Regular attendance at lessons

Setting a regular, daily practice time and sticking to it

Practice away from distractions

Attend lesson even if practice has been less than expected or progress has been slow

Record practice to keep track of progress and goals

Sing as you play

Perform, even beginning pieces for others.

Give yourself the “gift of practice” - time and patience!  You are already ahead of others who just keep “wishing” to play the piano!